'Victoria Hampshire, interior designer and founder of coveted shoe label 'Capri-Positano' wears L.G.R Luanda and shares with us her love of Italian style.'

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Sydney.

How are you connected to Italy? What is it like living in Italy

My husband is Italian, he is from the Sorrento Coast and we recently spent four years living there with our two young boys Taylor and Gabriel. It was the best experience of my life and was a beautiful moment for us in our relationship and the ideal place to bring up a small child. Children are so cherished and always the priority in Italy. It was also a very significant time for our professional life as we completed some spectacular interior projects in the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast area and worked in an environment that is so inspiring to me as a designer, I was intrigued and inquisitive about all the aspects of the Neapolitan culture. It is incredible....Napoli! 

What do you love about being married to an Italian?

I like the idea of family value, marriage and loyalty that they hold. I am particularly lucky to see the passion my husband has on an everyday level across so many different areas and most of all his extra care and attention for our boys and myself. He is very attentive and mindful of them and always makes them feel deeply loved.  

Tell me a little about your business?

My husband and I are involved in two businesses Victoria Hampshire Design - which is our International Interior Design and Architecture practice that creates specialised Interior spaces in mostly hospitality areas and works internationally, with offices in Italy and Australia.  Our recent projects can be seen throughout Sydney, The Sorrento Coast and Singapore. Capri.Positano Sandals is our other business which is quickly growing. Each Season I design a range of sandals which are made entirely by hand by a family of artisans whom have been making sandals for around 60 years.  We are one of the few business' left in the world to still offer a 'true' hand made sandal which is really the 'original' Positano Sandal and we are very proud of this. Our quality and style has meant we have grown well and now after two and a half years we are available in around 45 stockists throughout the world and have most recently become available in our first italian boutique, Luisa Via Roma ! This has been a very satisfying achievement. This business is a pure pleasure! 

What is it like working with Italian craftsmen?

The greatest influence of my designs and creations is thanks to working with expert Italian craftsmen. They bring with them a steep tradition and knowledge of a craft or material and I have learnt to value as much the nature of the material and all its possibilities prior to the finished design I plan for it. I have a huge respect for the artisans that I create with in both the making of our Capri.Positano Sandals to the Interior and Architectural items I design. A huge success to our range of hand crafted sandals is the very fact we offer 'Made in Italy', the craft behind our sandals has always been the very essence of why we make them and my designs will always reflect my passion for Italian craft and style. 

What is your dream Italian adventure?

I basically am lucky enough to experience my dream italian adventure all the time as we live in what is to me the most breathtaking area in Italy that offers to me what is my ideal adventure. A day on the Sea on a yacht or even a small gozzo, exploring the Coastline of the Sorrento and Amalfi followed by a lunch in Nerano at 'Conca del Sogno' eating the best food in the world, drinking, laughing and just experiencing the best Italy has to offer, food, atmosphere, seaside dining, there is just a unique and unforgettable experience in eating by the sea in Nerano or Capri and then finishing it all with a trip over to the island of Capri and stopping off for swims around the island. This is the most incredible 'Aqua' around .....so what can I say ... I live my ideal experience each summer and share it most importantly with our close friends, family and two boys. Seaside, Boats, Eating, Drinking = My ideal Italian adventure

What do you love about Italian style?

That is a complex question as there is such a broad offering. To me it is timeless, based on quality, distinctive, sincere and sensible - in that is tailored to occasions and extremely clever. It very often leads the way of the world. Italians have more style.

What does 'Made in Italy' mean to you?

Made in Italy means quality and integrity. You are being offered a genuine product that is original in its origin and generally has steep tradition and value behind it. It is most important to me in making my purchases across so many levels, be it food, clothing, furnishings, lighting etc. Being a designer it is the essence of many of my designs, creations and choices. I've been known to 'give my colleagues a hard time' about this aspect, ie when I am selecting tiles for my clients. It has to be 'Made in Italy' as I now the quality is there. it is reassurance. 

What are your top tips on accessorising an outfit?

Be distinctive and balanced. Original in that the choices are true to your own style. Accessories can be the most memorable aspect. 

What do you like about L.G.R eyewear?

The idea that they also base themselves on the artisan approach behind the sunglasses and the tradition involved in the making of them. It is evident that the quality of the product is at its forefront and the styles are definitely individual.  My pair features thee most stunning matt finish ....understated and cool. Big Love!
Victoria wears L.G.R Luanda and also L.G.R Felicite
Images credited to Julie Adams


Posted in 'Fashion & Lifestyle' on Tuesday 22nd March 2016


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