L.G.R Italian handmade eyewear is now available for purchase on An Affair with Italy

'Italian sisters, fashion stylist Jessica and model Roberta Pecoraro wear L.G.R eyewear and share their love of Italian style.'

Where did you both grow up?

We were both born in Italy but moved to Sydney when I was 7 years old and Robby 2 years old - we have lived in Sydney ever since. 

What does it mean to have Italian heritage? 

My Italian heritage is a great source of inspiration for my work, from the art to the architecture, from the history to the food - my heritage allows me to draw from such a wide spectrum. It also allows me to understand the world and I feel like having foreign roots has really helped shape me as a person, which is something I am really grateful for.

What does Italy mean to you?

Family, love and passion. 

As sisters you are very close, tell me about your relationship?

Yes, Robby is my best friend, sister, everything, yet it hasn't always been that way. We argued a lot growing up, over stupid things of course , yet I found that when I moved out of home, and Robby turned 18, we really started to bond more. Also having very similar interests and working in the same industry helps. We still have our little moments but what two sisters don't!

How do you work together? 

We work on many jobs together as I'm a stylist and Robby is a model. I love working together as its always so easy and fun and it never seems to feel like work. We love working on personal projects whenever we get the chance to and one of our dreams is to hopefully start a small business together.

What is your dream Italian adventure?

I've been really lucky to have been able to experience some amazing places in Italy, yet I am yet to visit Florence so my next adventure is to drive through Florence - taking cooking classes, visiting museums and eating lots of amazing food.

What do you love about Italian style?

I love the simplicity of it.

What does 'Made in Italy' mean to you?

Classic, quality and timeless.

What are your top tips on accessorising your outfit?

Investing in good quality shoes and handbags is a must and keeping jewellery quite simple and minimal.

What do you like about LGR?

I love how all the styles are simple yet they each have a small twist to them - like a reflective lens or an extra frame. 

Jessica (left in opening image) wears L.G.R Italian eyewear 'Alexandria' and Roberta (right) wears L.G.R Italian eyewear 'Nairobi' polarized.

Images credited to Julie Adams.


Posted in 'Interviews' on Wednesday 17th February 2016


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