Casa Coppelle

'Italian food with a French twist, Rome'

If Italian food with a French twist isn't enough to tempt you then step into Casa Coppelle for one of Rome's most visually nourishing, culinary experiences. You will find the restaurant just past the Pantheon, tucked in gorgeous Piazza delle Coppelle. A mixture of decadent design, exposed brick walls and low lighting makes Casa Coppelle beyond beautiful. In addition to all of this they boast a fantastic cocktail menu - try the Negroni "Bianco" if you don't believe us.

Frequented by the likes of Olga Kurylenko and Bradley Cooper, Casa Coppelle is not to be missed on your next trip to Roma.

Piazza delle Coppelle 19, Rome

Words credited to Charlotte Dallison. Images credited to Julie Adams.

Posted in 'Food & Wine' on Tuesday 1st September 2015


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