Valley of the Temples

'Agrigento, Sicily'

Probably one of the most exquisite archeological sites in Italy, let alone in Europe, the Valley of the Temples is actually a fantastic example of historical, greater Greece. On the ridge of the hot, dry town of Agrigrento lies the valley, with temples and statues dedicated to such gods and goddesses as Zeus, Heracles and Juno. All temples range from roughly 1,500 - 2,500 years old, each landmark is equally remarkable.

Situated at one of the most Southern points of Sicily, I swear that when I was there I could see the Tunisian coastline. If you are in Sicily then the Valley of the Temples is simply unmissable. 

Words credited to Charlotte Dallison. Images to Wikipedia.

Posted in 'Travel' on Sunday 13th September 2015


Yes it would definitely be a sin to miss this amazing place, I walked all the way down the hill, from the little B&B where I stayed. I spent the entire day feeling transported to a beyond memory, mesmerized by the silence and grandeur. It was Early March 2013, and almost tourist free - what a bonus! I have the same photo, and each time I see them, I feel and hear the silent testifying ambiance.

Posted by Sarina Sebastiana Croft on the 31st October 2015 - 9:08pm

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