Estorik Collection of Modern Art


Tucked around the corner from Highbury and Islington station is the wonderful Estorick Collection. It is Britain's only gallery dedicated to Italian modern art and boasts both a large permanent collection as well as hosting many fantastic exhibitions. 

With such names as Giacamo Balla, Carlo Carrá and Luigi Rusollo being housed in the gallery, the permanent collection is diverse in it's niche. The colours and energy of the art can transport you to a vibrant evening at the theatre, to a chaotic casa or into the arms of an Italian lover. The current exhibition 'More than Meets the Eye', presents the findings of a group of specialist art historians, restorers and scientists who have examined key works from the Estorick’s permanent collection to reveal hidden secrets and meaning behind the each artwork. They also have an extensive library and book shop, dedicated to the same subject.

After your visit you can enjoy a proper espresso and glass of San Pellegrino in the shady courtyard outside. A mecca of Italian culture in London, this gallery is connected with the local Italian scene and regularly puts on in depth talks and small concerts in collaboration with other London-based, Italian institutions. 

Words credited to Charlotte Dallison. Images Credited to Estorick Collection.

Posted in 'Art & Design' on Saturday 10th October 2015


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