Teatro alla Scala

'The most beautiful opera house in the world, Milan'

When a fire destroyed the Teatro Regio Ducal, after a fateful carnival gala in 1776, the owners of the boxes at the Ducal pooled together to fund a new opera house. On August 3rd 1778 Teatro alla Scala was open. Since then the theatre has undergone a serious renovation in 2002 - 2004 and continues to be one of Europe’s most popular opera houses.

Designed by the great neoclassical architect, Giuseppe Piermarini, the theatre is one of Milan’s most beautiful structures. The interior walls are adorned with rich red velvet and framed by gold. Chandeliers hang gracefully from the ceiling and glamorous hallways and rooms surround the centre of the building and its theatre.

Their season begins on December 7th of each year, which is quite the event for Italy’s prevalent cultural circles and elite. Each year their resident chorus, orchestra and ballet company put on multiple shows. No performance can go on past midnight, particularly long operas may have to start earlier to cater for this. Many opera and ballet greats have performed here, including Maria Callas and Margot Fonteyn in more recent times.

An unmissable experience, Teatro alla Scala is currently showing The Nutcracker and I due Foscari.

Word credited to Charlotte Dallison. Images credited Teatro alla Scala.

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